A Story to Setup the Next Two Articles

Please read “The Camp Near a Nuclear Reactor” before reading this Blog.

Imagine that you own four houses. You permit family and friends to stay there for weeks at a time. Due to the abundance of friends and family interested in staying in your houses, you have to hire a manager to coordinate the schedule for each house. Before long, staff has to be hired for the day in and day out operations. Because the managing staff is not your strength, you hire a management company to supervise the four site managers and their staffs. Because each home needs to be self-sufficient, you provide a budget to the management company. An argument between you and the management company ensues over how the houses should be utilized.

The management company gets wind of your terminating some of your widget factory employees. The management company employees begin to fear that you are going to be forced to sell one or more of your houses and reduce their staff. In response to a decline in family and friend usage, the management company begins to expand the customer base using the houses beyond family and friends. To make the houses more attractive, they join a Bed and Breakfast Consortium (BBC). The BBC inspects the properties and informs you and the management company that significant improvements will have to be made to each property in order to maintain a relationship with the BBC. This results in the need to raise more money to pay for improve. The management company starts to rent your properties to people other than your family and friends.

Is that good stewardship of the blessings God has given you?   Do you remember the purpose you had for those four houses in the first place?


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