Day 2: The Revolution Around Us

If you are looking for the simple life, you are not alone. The book, Simple Church, interviewed more than one thousand people across America. They come from every geographic area, a diversity of races and ethnic groups, and across the age spectrum. They are nearly equally divided between genders.

Their stories are different; but at the same time, they have similar themes. Life is stressful. Life is busy. Not enough time for the things that really matter. And most of the time, they tell us they feel financial stress as well.

The answer? Americans are rediscovering simple. At least they are aware that they need to rediscover simple. People are hungry for simple because the world has become much more complex. The technology revolution has really become an information revolution. We have access to more information, more products, more research, and more ideas than at any point in history. But the information revolution and the material wealth of Americans have made life for many people much more complex.

Eric Geiger and Thomas Rainer wrote Simple Church a few years ago. They were amazed at the response. Church leaders wanted simple. Church members wanted simple. In the midst of the harried world of complexity and uncontrollably complex lives, people want to find simple for their lives. They long for it, seek it, pay for it, and even dream of it.

The simple-life revolution has begun. And we’re finding it not only in churches out also in individuals. The surveys show that people are desperately seeking the simple life.

Simple statistics

41 questions

1 ,077 respondents

57% female

43% male

80% Christians

As in all things we can turn to Jesus as our example and our inspiration. He didn’t have to contend with e-mail, cell phones, tweets, or pages-and maybe we can learn from that. We are amazed at the simplicity of his earthly life. Despite the demands of the entire world on his life and time, He spent time with his friends. He loved little children. He gave attention to those in need. He spent time with his father. But he was also a revolutionary; he turned the world upside down.

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5), Jesus said those who are blessed are the poor, the hungry, those who are mourning, and those who are persecuted. He said to turn the other cheek and to love your enemies.

Think about qualities you most admire in Jesus as he lived his life on earth. List them.

Review your list and circle one or two characteristics of Jesus that you wish were more evident in your life.

How would simplifying your life help you live with the priorities Jesus had while on earth?


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