Week Two

In the left column identify things that make your life busy, complex, frustrating, or out of control. In the right column write descriptions of an ideal, simple, purposeful life.

Out of Control                    Simple

____________________    ___________________

____________________    ___________________

____________________    ___________________

____________________    ___________________

Label each item in the out-of-control column as related to either time, relationships, money, or God.

Think whether these four areas represent most of your life’s frustrations. Why or why not?

Four Steps Toward the Simple Life

Think or write down how each strategy will help move you toward the simple life.





A Life of Purpose

Look at week 1, day 3. Discuss the way Jesus lived and what he taught in regard to time, relationships, money, and God.

In what ways could you apply Jesus’ life and teachings regarding time, relationships, money, and God to your life?

Mission Statements

Look at week l, day 5, and review the description of mission statement. Discuss its purpose.

What does it mean for a mission statement to he specific and measurable?

One component of this study will be to write a mission statement for each of the four life areas; time, relationships, money, and God. Review and evaluate the mission statements in the activity on week 1, day 5 devotions, identifying reasons some are better examples than others.


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