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Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life and have it in abundance.” What do you think it takes to have the abundant life Jesus was talking about? How do complexity and busyness interfere with the abundant life?

Four Areas of Life

Four Steps Toward the Simple Life





Four Areas of Life





What statements in yesterday’s sermon stood out as significant to you?

Of the four areas of life on which this series will focus. Which area is the greatest source of complexity for you? Why?

The Simple Revolution: Four Steps Toward the Simple Life

Identify some before-and-after phrases that express your goals for this series. One is provided as an example.

From complexity to simplicity

From ________  to ________

From ________  to ________

From ________  to ________

From ________  to ________

From ________  to ________

From ________  to ________

From ________  to ________

Write down prayer concerns related to your need to simplify. Spend time praying silently that you will persevere and gain victory over the obstacles to a simpler life. Pray that your priorities will reflect God’s

will for your life.


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