Week 3: Experience

Week 3: Experience

Share insights from your time log on Week 2, Day 2. How well do your daily activities reflect the life priorities you recorded on Moving to Clarity?

Identify any relational problems caused by your time challenges.


Share the priorities for your life and the mission statement .

Evaluate each mission statement against these criteria:

° Does it reflect life priorities?

° ls it clear and concise?

° Does it include an action plan?

° Is it realistic?


Identify choices you have made that interfere with your priorities.

How does self-absorption interfere with the simple life?

Share any harriers you have resolved to remove in your use of time.


Share insights regarding the way you use time (Week 2, Day 4). How well do your daily activities line up with your mission statement for time?

What struggles have you experienced in trying to align your daily life with your goals for time? What have you learned?


What good things are you doing that are preventing you from accomplishing your mission statement? How?

Share any commitments you have made to eliminate these things. Can You Relate?


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