Week 5: Experience

Bills, credit-card debt, or inadequate savings–which one of these is your primary financial challenge?

Christian money management is rooted in the biblical concept of stewardship. Define stewardship.

What does it mean to be a caretaker of God’s resources?


How can money or possessions distort a person’s priorities?

Review the financial mission statements you wrote for the three stages of life: Now, Future, and Far Future.


What are some of the issues behind many people’s spending habits?

Read Matthew 6:21. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

What do your spending patterns reveal about the

priorities in your life?

Discuss barriers to your goals for the three stages of life.


With which financial goals will it be most difficult to align your actions?

Write down your reaction to the idea of enlisting someone to hold you accountable for your financial management.

What method do you use to manage your money.

Name some life changes that require adjustments to your family’s financial plan.


Identify decisions that can impact your whole financial picture.

What tends to distract you from your financial goals?

Name expenses that aren’t necessary to your financial goals.

Share things you have committed to eliminate to reach your financial goals for the Now, the Future, and the Far Future.

5. Why is giving to God an important part of your financial plan?

Looking for God

How to Get Closer to God (Week 5)



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